Hair How To

Knot Me Pretty

If you’re looking for a hairstyle for a special occasion—a wedding, birthday or brunch with the girls, don’t run to the hairdresser just as yet. Desha Gehi recommends the go-to hairsyle that oozes classy sophistication—the updo.

Ballerina bun:
Though easy to create, the ballerina bun can sometimes be tricky. A little practice will help you perfect this bun like a pro.

Get The Look: Tie your hair into a tight (really tight!) ponytail and secure with an elastic. Use a hair spray to remove bumps or any extra hair. Twist the ponytail (either way) into a rope and start pinning (preferably with U pins) around the elastic until you reach the end. Yes, it’s really that simple!

Tip: Bored of the ballerina? Try a cute, perfectly unpolished messy bun instead!

Braided bun:
Buns are a great way to keep your tresses away from your face. However, braided buns surely add that extra bit of flair.

Get The Look: Tie your hair into a semi-tight ponytail. Start braiding it into a classic braid all the way to the bottom. Secure two out of three strands with an elastic and push the braid up until they are bunched together. Now, wrap the loose strand around the other two into a bun. Secure with bobby pins on all sides and you’re good to go.

Tip: If you’re experimental, combine two or more braids (waterfall & French) into a braided bun for a casual but cool look.

Twisted bun:
Bored of the regular bun? It’s time to spice it up! Twisted buns may look a tad complicated but are actually easy and doable.

Get The Look: Brush your hair well and make sure it’s completely dry. Get the front section of your hair to the nape of your neck, twisting carefully as you go. Use a bobby pin and secure in that position. Repeat the same on the sides. Now slowly remove the bobby pins and tie the twisted ends along with the rest of your hair in a low ponytail and twist it to make a bun!

Tip: Glam it up with a retro hair scarf.

Wondering what to do with your hair at that cocktail party? Chignons are feminine, chic, elegant and simple to do.

Get The Look: Part your hair in the middle (can also part it to one side) and gather together behind the ears. Gently twist from the nape of the neck to the ends and form a bun. Secure each end of the bun, neatly with bobby pins so it can hold the hair in place. With a teasing brush, add some volume to the bun and the crown so it doesn’t look flat and finish off with some hair spray.

Tip: Chignons work best when your hair hasn’t been washed for two or more days.

This look goes with pretty much everything—it’s also the best way to look classy when your hair is unwashed.

Get The Look: Brush your hair well and hold upwards into a ponytail-like shape. Twist slightly and roll around your fingers. Keep rolling and tucking carefully until you have a high poof. Pin each side with as many bobby pins as you feel necessary, depending on how loose or tight your bun is. Use a super strong hairspray to keep that roll in place all day long.

Tip: Add a ‘60’s touch by wearing a hair band. It also helps to tame the poufy sides.

Top knot:
Everyone loves a top knot! It’s a perfect on-the-go style that’s probably the simplest to do. This instant go-to look is no-nonsense and feminine at the same time.

Get The Look: Tie your hair into a ponytail. Roll upwards towards the top of your head into a knot or bun. Secure with bobby pins.

Tip: Having a bad hair day? The half-up, half-down style is your best bet as it looks chic and works well with both long and short hair.