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Knots… Not A Problem

Knots will not be a problem at all once you read our tips on detangling the knots.

Tangled, the movie was great fun and enjoyable. But when it comes to tangled tresses, they’re anything but enjoyable. That feeling of seeing clumps of strands while you comb through your hair is never a pleasant one. Let’s admit, many of us get anxious over losing hair strands and have even cried while trying to get rid of those painful and difficult knots.

We know how precious your tresses are to you. Hence we bring you pro-tips to detangle your hair easily. Scroll down for easy detangling tips minus the damage. 


  • After shampooing, use a rich and deep conditioner that is suitable for your hair.
  • Combing your hair after washing your hair will loosen the knots.
  • Wide tooth combs should be your go-to. They are meant for detangling hair with ease and loosen knots effectively.
  • Always comb your hair from the bottom and move your way up as combing from the roots might yank your hair, resulting in breakage.
  • Use a serum or few drops of oil to moisten your hair. This will aid in easy detangling of knots. 
  • Comb your hair when you have applied conditioner or a hair mask in your hair. The smoothness will make it extremely easy for knot removal.


  • Dry hair? Do not detangle your knots while your hair is dry as the comb will tug at your hair resulting in hair loss.
  • Sleeping with hair products and trying to unknot your hair the next day is a big no-no. This causes major stress on the strands. Hence always ensure you wash off any product buildup.
  • Do not skip your hair wash days. Skipping your hair wash means lack of moisture that results in dry and brittle hair that tend to get tangled.
  • Also don’t skip your hair trimming appointments. Skipping a regular trim results in friction between strands, thus causing split ends and knots.
  • Don’t skip feeding your hair with some hair food after you wash. After washing, ensure you always use a lightweight serum or few drops of oil to keep your hair hydrated.





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