Care Hair

Know your type

It’s time to bring out the best of your hair by getting strategic about your hair care routine and tailoring it to your hair type, says Priyanka Ravani Punamiya.

Switch on the TV or scroll through Instagram and all you’ll see is hair that is perfectly voluminous and glossy. Don’t you envy those perfect healthy-looking locks? However, in your quest to get hair like that, you instinctively reach out for products that promise to manage your hair to perfection, failing to realise that not all products may suit your hair. Each one of us has a unique hair type, and it’s best to pick care and styling products according to our specific needs.

So bid adieu to bad hair days by listening to your hair’s needs—read on as she tells you how.

Greasy/Oily Hair
Shampoo–Conditioner Tip: Pick out an oil-control shampoo and pair it with a conditioner that manages dry hair. Condition only the ends, staying away from the scalp completely. This will ensure that your scalp is grease-free and your lengths don’t look dry. Also, avoid frequent hair washes as this can increase oil secretion from the scalp.

Styling Tip: Greasy hair offers great texture, so try styles such as braids which work really well with this hair type.

Thin Hair
Shampoo–Conditioner Tip: Reach for a volumising shampoo and conditioner—it’s a no brainer! This will add the extra bounce that your hair craves. Abstain from letting any styling product touch your roots as this will weigh your hair down, making it look flat and thin.

Styling Tip: Mid-lengths or short styles suit this hair type the best as it makes the hair look thicker. Use a round brush and blow-dry from the roots to add that extra volume.

Thick Hair
Shampoo–Conditioner Tip: Deep-cleansing shampoos and conditioners work well for this hair type. Since it’s prone to tangling, keep a wide-toothed comb handy and run it through wet hair to take care of this. Also, prevent your hair from puffing up by using an anti-frizz serum.

Styling Tip: Cut down any bulkiness from your hair by trying a layered haircut. While styling your locks, section your hair and apply the styling product carefully through each section to ensure that your hair is fully coated. This will help keep the style in place.

Curly Hair
Shampoo–Conditioner Tip: Curly hair can look dull easily and, hence, following the right care routine is important. Use a moisturising shampoo and conditioner to keep your curls hydrated and shiny. Remember to rinse your hair with cold water to protect shine and prevent frizz.

Styling Tip: Don’t fight your hair texture, play with it! Make use of a styling mousse or curl cream and blow-dry using a diffuser to give your curls some extra bounce.

Frizzy Hair
Shampoo–Conditioner Tip: Frizzy hair needs extra care and nourishment—use shampoos and conditioners that are low on chemicals and rich in natural oils. Apply the conditioner on your hair and leave it on for at least five minutes before rinsing it off to ensure your hair is well moisturised and protected.

Styling Tip: Use an old t-shirt to dry your hair instead of a towel; air dry the hair partially and coat your hair with an anti-frizz serum to keep it manageable through the day.