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Laugh & Stay Healthy

This International Yoga Day, learn about Hasya Yoga and laugh your way to good health.

Evidently, the year 2020 hasn’t really been too good to us, so far. With each day bringing something new to stress about, it’s time to lighten it up a bit and have some fun.

Give your regular yoga poses and exercises a twist with Laughter yoga or Laughing Yoga or Hasya Yoga.

What’s that, you ask? Well, a relatively new concept, laughter yoga simply requires you to combine laughter with regular exercises and breathing techniques (without joking around or using humour!).

How does it help? Laughter yoga relaxes the whole body and mind. It has shown to reduce stress and anxiety levels in people—it’s impossible to stay stressed while you are laughing! The antidote for depression, it has shown to increase optimism, happiness and feelings of joy in people.

Try this exercise by yourself or with a group of family and friends for a fun session of laughter. You’re sure to go on a joy ride with this one!

Here’s how you can start simple with the yoga laughter:

Still, wondering whether you should take it up? If you can’t convince your family and friends to join you in a fun session of laughter yoga, then consider joining a laughter therapy or laughter yoga group around your premises for a start and laugh away that stress.



(Lead image: by John Hain from pixabay)