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Leave it to Yoga!


Since time immemorial, yoga has held the reputation of offering countless health as well as beauty benefits, says Mona Punjabi. But only now, after stress and anxiety have started to create havoc in our lives, are we slowly realising the magical goodness of yoga!

Yoga may be synonymous with good health, but did you know that yoga is akin to good hair health too? Well, many don’t associate yoga with hair but you will be surprised to learn that regular practice can breathe a new lease of life into our most-loved tresses.

In agreement is yoga therapist Aparna More, who has been spreading the beauty and magic of yoga through her classes in Mumbai and is the current serving Yoga Ambassador to Malaysia. She says, “Yoga is a therapy session that works on the entire body, inside and out. And it is not a surprise that it works for our loveliest asset—our hair. Yoga is a powerful and natural method that can be used to constructively deal with the most common hair issues such as hair fall, hair breakage, and other forms of hair loss.”

So, are you ready to learn about six yoga poses that promise to give you a healthy headful of hair?


The Sarvangasana or the Shoulder Stand Pose offers many therapeutic benefits when practiced regularly. Generally learnt in precedence to the Headstand Pose (Sirsasana), this highly distinguished pose is called the ‘Mother of Asanas’ by the much acclaimed Yogi B.K.S Iyengar. That’s primarily because this pose is known to create harmony in the human system, just like how a mother creates harmony at home. The pose also helps to improve the functioning of the thyroid gland, augments an ample supply of blood to the head thereby helping in hair growth and controlling premature graying of hair. All set to get half topsy-turvy then?

Balayam Yoga

A highly recommended yogic practice, Balamyam Yoga can rightly be termed as one of the easiest ways to manage our hair woes. Balayam Yoga (‘Bal’– hair and ‘Vyayam’– exercise) is a simple technique of rubbing fingernails together while keeping the thumbs upright. Drawing a reference from the Ayurvedic study of balancing the doshas, this is one of the most effective ways of revitalising the hair follicles which are known to be connected through our nails. The pose also helps to address the underlying causes of hair issues which could be either hormonal or psychological. And the best part is you can perform this asana anytime, anywhere!

Surya Namaskar

A comprehensive pack of twelve highly effective yoga postures, the Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation is your one-stop solution for many health problems. In fact, it’s the perfect workout for your entire body—right from head to toe. The poses are also well-known for boosting blood circulation, which in turn gives you gorgeous shiny hair and gleaming skin. Practicing these postures daily not only helps one feel energetic and fit throughout the day but also helps avert issues such as hair graying, dandruff, and hair fall. So, what are you waiting for? Pull out the yoga mat and bask in the glory of the sun (read good hair days) as you perform this with lots of fervor and dedication.


The Sasangasana or Rabbit Pose is another beneficial pose that does wonders to hair health. Since the pose involves placing the crown of the head on the floor, it enhances the blood supply to the head area. This increased blood flow to the scalp ensures good and healthy hair growth and boost shine. So, if you are troubled with hair loss and want to gift yourself a bountiful healthy mane, this is just the right asana for you! “Sasangasana is also a calming asana; it helps in de-stressing the body from tension, which is the primary reason for hair loss”, adds Aparna.

Kapalbhati Pranayama

The enormous benefits of Pranayamas are known to one and all! These are a sub-category of yoga which chiefly entail breathing exercises and meditation and are relatively devoid of physical exertion. “Anxiety, tension, and stress can often lead to severe hair fall and practicing yoga and Pranayama can help relieve these symptoms effectively”, suggests Namita Chandra, Wellness Guide & Founder, Yoganama.

Kapalbhati Pranayama is one such tried and tested yogic technique which helps to curb everyday stress and anxiety. While performing this breathing technique, the brain cells receive a rich supply of oxygenated blood thereby helping in hair re-growth with reduced occurrence of hair graying.


Popularly known as the Diamond Pose or the Thunderbolt Pose, Vajrasana is not only a simple but also a highly effective pose to improve hair health. Along with improving the blood supply, the pose also helps in rectifying digestive disorders that could elicit hair fall and lifeless skin. Making you strong and tough like a diamond, the biggest positive is that this pose can be done immediately after a meal!

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