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Less is More

Read all about the shortest and sweetest route to great skin: the ‘skip-care’ routine.

It’s been a while since beauty trends world over have been influenced by Koreans; we’ve lapped up everything they’ve thrown our way and for good reason—their techniques and innovations have also proved to be effective. While BB, CC creams, cushion foundations, snail lotion and micellar water may have done us a whole lot of good, their long-standing secret to great skin—the 11-step skincare routine—has proved to be too tedious to follow. And the new-age Koreans agree too. Younger, new-age millennial Koreans have adopted the concept of downsizing not just for their lives in general, but for skin care too, through the process of skip-care.

Much as the name suggests, skip-care is all about eliminating the unnecessary steps from your skincare routine, de-cluttering the process and giving your regime a much-needed detox.

Moving away from layering product upon product, this regime is all about choosing specific products for specific needs and not burdening your skin with anything excess. The first step to following the skip-care routine is to understand your skin type well. Once you identify your skin’s needs—whether its acne control, hydration, glow—get your hands on products that really hit the spot and work to combat these issues. It’s all about evaluating your skin, identifying the essential ingredients for your skin and avoiding the use of unnecessary products for a simpler, yet proper, skincare routine.

A solid and constrained skincare routine would normally include the use of a good cleanser, serum and sunscreen in the morning. For the nights, you would need to cleanse again, use a specific or even medicated cream to address your specific concern, and then top it off with a great serum or cream for the eye area. If you have acne, look for creams with retinol, if you want hydration, turn to hyaluronic acid and if you want brightness, then products loaded with vitamin C are what you need.

The skip-care routine is a god-send for lazy girls who’d rather hit the snooze button one more time than spend precious time prepping their skin, or for those with sensitive skin. Since your skin is not overburdened, there are lesser chances of clogged pores, skin irritation and even allergic reactions to irritants. Of course, all of this can only be effective if you truly understand your skin well and invest in the right products; seek help from a dermatologist if you need.

Of course, we love our sheet masks, face jellies and ‘pamper Sundays’ when the whole day is dedicated to skincare, but the prospect of better looking skin without a huge investment of time and money is very thrilling!