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Lips Don’t Lie

On the occasion of National Lipstick Day, we urge you to swipe and stay safe.

Wearing a mask is mandatory in the lockdown situation but that shouldn’t stop you from pouting and posing in your favourite lipstick. The current trends indicate that lipsticks are still ruling the charts and are your best feel-good factor. Whether you’re working from home or connecting with friends on Zoom calls, picking your favourite lipstick and flaunting it never does any harm. After all, girls just want to have fun!

Looking for the right lipstick for you? We’ve got you covered. Check out five types of lipsticks every girl must have in her vanity case.

Creamy – These are rich and nourishing with a creamy, enveloping texture. They contain more wax and glide on easily, leaving your lips feeling wonderful and soft for a long time.

Glossy – Glossy lipsticks are a blend of colour and shine. Their silky-smooth formula leaves your lips hydrated and cushiony soft. They smoothen the lips and perfectly hug the lines to fill in the colour and enhance the lush effect.

Sheer-Satin –  The sheer-satiny liquid colour takes you back to the 80’s era when make-up was loud. These are high-oil lipsticks that lend a high volume colour and bold impact with a modern-retro style.

Liquid Matte – Liquid matte lipsticks are for those who like to stay away from shine. These are transfer-proof, matte finish and lend a younger and smoother look to the lips. These also keep your lips moisturised.

Matte Crayon – Matte crayons are long-lasting lipsticks that come with water-resistant wear. With a high colour payoff, these lend a gorgeous matte finish to your lips.

Lip Balm – This is a non-greasy lip formula that hydrates and plumps up your lips. Lip balms are good for dry or cracked lips and hence used more for comfort and protection than for colouring. Their long-lasting formula provides hydration.

The right way to apply

  1. Exfoliate your lips to get a smooth, clean pout.
  2. Apply your favourite lipstick by drawing an X on the cupid’s bow.
  3. Then contour the lips and fill them in.

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