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Photo by The Honest Company on Unsplash
Photo by The Honest Company on Unsplash

A lipstick is the most powerful tool in a girl’s beauty kit. It instantly uplifts a look and we all are a big fan of the little wonder. From reds that make you go bold to the subtle nudes that are perfect for work wear, lipsticks offer that inimitable power no other product does. Many a times, it also happens that you get the urge to buy a certain shade that is in trend only to realise later that it doesn’t suit your skin tone. We have all been there!

So gals, here’s a simple guide to choose the right lipstick based on your skin tone:

  1. Figure out your undertone

Basics first! Everyone has a yellow or a pink undertone. The easiest way to decipher this is to look at your veins. If your veins are more on the bluer side, you have a pink undertone and if your veins tend more towards greener shade you have a yellow undertone. If they appear both green and blue you are lucky, you have a neutral undertone.

  1. For cool undertones

If you have a cool undertone, i.e. you have a fair skin, hues with deeper blue-purple based lip colours look the best on you. Even if you buy a red, go for a deeper bluish shade rather than the warmer orange tones.

  1. For warmer undertones

For warmer undertones, shades with orange base work superbly. Darker shades look more flattering on you so avoid colours like nudes and light pinks.

  1. For neutral undertones

You are the lucky ones as both darker and bright shades look flattering on you. Most shades of nudes, pinks and reds complement your skin tone. So the best choice is to decide one on the basis of your outfit.

 Note: Take a cue from this lipstick guide but if you think you look good in any shade, then go for it and add your confidence to rock the look!

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