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Look At Her Now – Selena Gomez

Does she ever have a bad hair day?

Let’s look at the superstar, yet so relatable, Selena Gomez’s hair journey. 

With not a single bad hair day, Selena’s hair is indeed what dreams are made of. Just look at her now. From Disney princess to Hollywood star, we’ve been blessed with over a decade of the stunning singer and actress Selena Gomez and her ever evolving hair trends. She has constantly been on the top of her hair game—be it the wispy fringe love, a side-swoop, poker straight mane, honey-hued curls, a blunt bob or a shiny wavy lob. The drop-dead gorgeous singer has proven that she has the face and charm that can pull off any look with effortless ease. In honour of the star’s birthday this month, we look back at the most stunning hairstyles she has donned over the years.