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Love At Your Fingertips

Yes, we mean it literally! Make the season of hand-holding a lot more fun by dressing up your tips to give him one more thing to marvel about you!

If you are dressing up to the nines to impress your special someone this V-Day, we suggest that you pay extra attention to detail. Take some time off the day prior to your big date and prep your nails with these easy-to-do nail art designs. You’ll thank us later when the nails perfectly complement the new ring, just in case he decides to pop the question on the day.

The Romanticised Frenchie

frenchieThe French Manicure is a classic—it gives you a polished, chic look that you can wear almost anywhere. But since V-Day calls for some extra effort, give it a cute twist!
• Begin with filing your nails in the desired shape (we recommend shaping them square). Don’t forget to buff the nails after filing.
• Apply a base coat to your nails, which for a French manicure, is usually pale pink or brown.
• Once the base coat dries, paint your tips white. Apply a second coat if the colour isn’t opaque enough to your liking.
• Grab some heart-shaped nail embellishments/ stickers. Apply them neatly in a line on your nail where the white polish ends. Add some red rhinestones (available as nail stickers) to the heart in the centre of each nail.
• Finish off with a coat of clear polish to seal the deal.

Nautical Nails

sailorThis cute and colourful nail art pattern is sure to grab eyeballs. Here’s the best part: substitute the blue polish with his favourite colour and earn some brownie points!
• This style looks best on short, trimmed nails; so file away, keeping the edges rounded.
• Apply a base coat to your nails.
• Apply blue nail paint (or any colour of your choice) to the thumb, first and last fingernails.
• Apply glitter polish to the middle fingernail.
• To create the sailor-striped nail, begin by painting the fingernail white. Once dry, paint blue stripes on it using a fine nail art brush. After this, use a bright red nail polish to paint a heart in the centre of the nail.
• Apply clear polish on the nails to help keep the design in place.

Coral Crush

heartDitch the red polish and keep things fresh by opting for bright coral tips. Some glitter and chevron will help too.
• Start off by applying a base coat.
• As the base coat dries, paint the desired nails in a coral shade.
• Apply the glitter polish to the third fingernail.
• For the chevron pattern, apply white polish to the nail. Using the same coral shade (or another darker hue from the same family), create three strips of a zig-zag chevron pattern with a nail art brush.
• As always, top it with a clear polish to prevent your nail art from chipping.

Do the Polka

polkaThese polka-dotted nails are super quick to do and will give your Valentine’s Day a retro touch. Keep the colour theme romantic; reds, whites and pinks should do the trick!
• After you’re done applying your base coat, paint your nails red (or any romantic colour of your choice).
• Dip a dotting tool (a wooden toothpick
will work equally well) in the contrasting
nail-paint (here, white) and start creating polka dots all over your nails. Do this by simply tapping the tool at the desired spot on the nail. Apply as many or as few dots as you like.
• Once you finish dotting all your fingers, apply one final coat of clear polish.


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