Beauty Makeup

Love Those Lashes

Everyone seems to be obsessed with having longer lashes! After all those lashes grace your pretty peepers. Apart from beautifying your eyes they play a vital role in protecting your sight. They keep away foreign objects, and steer away from dirt and gunk getting in your eyes. While loading up coats of mascara adds the volume making you look awake and spirited, your delicate lashes aren’t a fan of the wand. Read on how to take care of your lashes as the stronger the lashes the better they will appear and the lesser mascara you will need.

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Know your tools

The ingredients in your favorite mascara can be the real culprit of making the lashes weak. Beware of the paraben and the alcohol added in the formula and avoid them especially if mascara is a part of your daily routine.

Also, avoid using waterproof mascara on a daily basis as they are harder to get rid of. If you curl your lashes for with a curler, make sure to clean it properly and use it delicately.

The falsies flair

If you are relying on falsies for the volume, invest in quality ones and know the right way to stick them. Do a patch test for the glue before it comes in contact with your lash line.

Get it off! Everyday!

Even if you want to call it a day and snuggle in your sheets, we would ask you to spend time in removing all the eye makeup. Be it a smokey eye look or just a minimal look, it should be off before you snooze. The harmful gunk can harm your eyes.

Double cleansing is the way to go

Tugging with a makeup wipe is an easy-peasy job, but it is the worst thing you can do for your eyes and to the skin around it. Lean on a cleansing oil or a cream cleanser that will take it all off without the stretching and pulling. After the first cleanse, use a water-based cleanser to have a clean face.

The extra TLC!

Just how you provide moisture to the hair, do the same for your lashes by specialized serums and oils and groth boosters. If you are using one make sure the formula doesn’t include any harmful ingredients.


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