Love Your Skin

It’s the festive season and we all want to put our best look skin forward. So men, it’s time to show some tender loving care towards your skin. To make the job easier for you, we share simple skincare tips for better, healthier and brighter skin. Add them to your skincare beauty regime and you’re good to go.

Flash your pearly whites

Who doesn’t enjoy flashing a set of white teeth? Use strawberries to naturally brighten your teeth. Avoid consuming too much black tea and coffee as they could stain your teeth.

No more rough skin

No doubt you like your rugged hands as they may make you feel more masculine, you need to take good care of your skin. And you don’t need an extensive or complicated skincare regime to achieve this. Just heat up a little unrefined coconut oil and apply it all over your hands. Apply it on your feet too.

Minimise your wrinkles

Moisturising your skin keeps wrinkles at bay. The real key to youthful skin is to keep your skin hydrated and eat the right food.

No more baggy eyes

Dark circles and baggy under-eye problems could be a result of lack of sleep, stress and water retention. To reduce this, go high on fresh celery. Celery works in two ways; it reduces the stress hormones and drains excess fluids out of the body. To lighten your dark circles, place chilled slices of potato on your eyes for 20 minutes.

Food dos and dont’s


  1. Cabbage contains both vitamins A and B and helps erasing fine lines. The fibre from the cabbage helps push the waste and toxins out of the body and detoxifies the blood.
  2. Pears work as anti-aging nutrients. While eating pear, make sure you eat it with the skin, as it’s just under the skin where the most nutrients are.
  3. Consume fruits and vegetables that contain huge water content. This will help keep the skin hydrated for a longer time.


  1. Avoid eating excess meat. Restrict your intake to once in a day or two.
  2. Stay away from caffeinated drinks as these dehydrate your skin and cause aging faster.
  3. Fried food and artificial sugars are a big no no.