Made to Measure

Daring or demure? Choose how you want to wear these popular hair trends.
In this age of customisation, take a look at how every cut, colour and style can be personalised to match your unique preferences. You’ve heard it one too many times that you can wear any style you want as long as it’s tailored to your needs, and now, read on to know how you can wear some of today’s most popular trends in a soft or bold avatar.

The classic pixie is a statement look in itself to try. While a longer top section and even ends make for an elegant look, you can go all out and play with contrasts for a bold look. For that, work with a long textured top and pair it with a buzzed side—who can tear their eyes away from this!

The long bob is a refreshing change to flaunt—it’s chic, it’s well put-together and it certainly has a youthful appeal. While a shoulder-grazing lob is a trendy and safe bet, you can spice things up with a choppy, playful and shorter version if you dare.

If you’ve turned to the Kardashians for hair inspiration recently, you’ll notice that super long length is all the rage right now. As Indians, long, black, shiny length has always been ‘in-trend’ for us. For a daring contrast, pair your long hair with a shaved side. It’s brazen and will definitely grab eyeballs. Show off that razored side when you’re feeling rebellious and if not, you can always cover it up with some smart combing!

Bright fashion colours such as this are fun to experiement with, but colouring all your tresses in these hues may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Break it up—instead of highlights, try colouring a solid section like this fringe shown to get a look that’s not too over-thetop yet eye-catching.

If a solid section is also not your thing, try peek-a-boo tresses: ask your stylist to colour the lower layers of your hair in these bright shades, which can easily be concealed by the top natural layers whenever need be.

Whether it’s a temporary change for a music fest or just a whim to try something new, hair tattoos can be super fun to play with. While a stark colour contrast such as this black and white is beautiful to look at, you can play with softer tone-on-tone colours as a safe approach.

Double braids are great for Sunday brunches or casual moods. If you’re feeling creative, pair your braids with knotted buns and make it a style that people will be eyeing to steal!

Call it a hipster trend or a lazy girl’s go-to style, the half-up bun is easy to master and wear. This casual trend can be customised to a more impact-worthy trend with long clipin extensions or hair rings as accessories.

The braided band is every girl’s go to on a bad hair day or as a quick fix style for nearly every occasion. But, how about you pack a punch with these braids instead? Try these tight corn-row inspired braids, coupled with the same untamed ends and take your look from simple to statement whenever required.

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