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Make-up sponge Or Make-up brush?

As the debate continues whether you should use a make-up sponge or make-up brush, we get you some answers!

Even if we settle on the perfect shade and product for make-up, the struggle doesn’t end there. The next question that arises is, how do you apply this product for a flawless finish? Do you use the faithful old brush or do you opt for the new-age beauty blender that is breaking the internet? We have all the answers.

Make-up Brush

Coming to our loyal make-up brush, it has been in our beauty kits forever now and comes in plenty of sizes for different purposes. What’s more, it’s a smooth sailing ride and doesn’t take up much on your clock.

The brush definitely makes you use lesser product but you can quickly go overboard and it does not offer a smooth finish like its opponent. Brushes are better for product placement as they can leave creases and sharp lines, if tried to blend for contouring. They can be great for eyeshadows and highlighters as you do not need to blend them a lot. What makes it the lazy girl’s favourite is the less maintenance that the bristles require.

Beauty Blender

This egg-shaped tiny looking sponge, undoubtedly, has superpowers that help you blend your make-up like no other tool. The flawless finish that it offers has many people getting attracted to the mini package.

Well the pros are the multipurpose use and flawless finish it offers and the cons would be the hard work and maintenance it requires plus all the time you need to pat the product in. You need to wet the sponge and thus it soaks up a lot of product and also needs to be thoroughly cleaned every time you use it. We hear you running out of patience but it is definitely worth it, as it doesn’t leave any lines or pores thus giving you the desired ‘blended’ look.

Want our advice?

Choose your option depending upon the time you have on hand. The ideal case would be to blend in foundation and your contour with the blender and use brushes for product placement and powders. Go for it!



(Lead Image: Pixabay)