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Makeup 101: Tricks to Repurpose Your Old Makeup

We know how irritating it gets when you have to throw away all of that expensive makeup. After all you’ve only used it twice! But what are we going to do with all that dried black lump in our mascara? Or the remaining powder in our broken eye shadow palette? Why not just throw it?

While some of the expired makeup products could be just thrown away into the bin, there are some that could be reused for other purposes. So, before you completely clean out your vanity, get resourceful and repurpose your beauty staples for a ton of other uses.

Here’s some of our tricks  for reusing expired makeup…

  1. Mascara

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It’s amazing what difference a little swoosh of mascara makes on your eye lashes. But it’s equally irritating when you reach for your favorite mascara and discover it’s turned into one big dry, clumpy mess! Well, here’s a few beauty tricks that could help give your mascara a new lease of life…and add a few more precious days of wear!

Add 2 to 3 drops of contact lens solution to your mascara tube and warm it up by rolling the tube between the palms for a minute. This will help in getting rid of any clumps and will also thin the solution. And, there you have your lovely mascara back again.

– If you don’t have a contact lens solution, no problem! Just take some hot water into a bowl or a cup and place your mascara tube into it for a few minutes. The heat will do miracles to your mascara – it will soften the dried solution and mascara will be as good as new.

– If your mascara has expired, then just dump the tube but not the spoolie. First clean the spoolie by placing it under hot water, use some soap and let it dry. After it dries you can use that spoolie for a slew of other uses such as, brushing your eyebrows or eye lashes.


  1. Eye liner Pencils

We generally keep a stack of these in our vanity box. And as quickly as the stack increases, most of the eye liner pencils become dull or lose their shelf life. But not to worry there’s a way you can fix that. All you need is a lighter! Burn the liner against the lighter, so that it’s hot but not melted. Wait it out till it gets cool, and you have yourself a perfect gel liner! This works out because you’ll be killing the bacteria with the flame.

Tip: Make sure to consistently do it every time you sharpen it or if it goes dull


  1. Eye shadow

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Generally, it’s wise to replace your eye shadow palettes almost every year. But wondering what to do with the old ones?  Easy. Break the pieces of eye shadow into powder and mix it with a clear nail polish. Then give it a good shake for a few minutes and lo! You can now flaunt your new customized nail paint.


  1. Lipstick

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It’s time we make use of those colorful lippies lying in our makeup kits! All we need to do is scoop out the remaining lipstick, heat it over the flame. Mix it with Vaseline or petroleum jelly and voila! You now have a brand new set of colors to wear on your lips.

Tip: The heating also helps kill bacteria in the lipstick, thus extending the life of the lip color.


  1. Face Oils

Face oils are expensive and if yours has just surpassed its shelf life. Fret not! Mix it with some sugar, and voila! You have a new body scrub, which smells divine.

  1. Skin toners









Most of the skin toners have alcohol in them. And, thus after they expire the only best use for them would be to clean glass and mirrors. So just spray some toner on to a clean cloth and wipe away the grime on your glass surfaces!

  1. Lip Balms

One can always find oodles of lip balms in their vanity kit. Pretty in colors and scents, your beauty balm could also lose its shelf life, sooner or later! But not to worry, just like other staples, your beauty balm could also be put into some really good uses, such as healing cracks or serving as a cuticle moisturizer.

Think we’ve missed some ideas, share your suggestions in the comment box below!