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Making a Difference-II

Are you a self-confessed clean and green beauty lover? Then this one’s for you. In our digital cover story, we bring you eco-beauty stories of vibrant and authentic individuals who are ambassadors of clean and green beauty. They are committed to producing and promoting products that are sustainable, resonate with nature and help others transform their skin to radiant, flawless and beautiful. Read on to be one with nature.

Anupriya Kapur, Lifestyle influencer and co-founder, Imbue

Q: How and where did the idea to start Imbue come from and what made you step into the hair care/skin care world?  

A: Imbue came to life as a solution to some very basic problems that women faced in the extreme cold climate of Lithuania. It was meant to maintain the intimate hygiene of women in the absence of a bath. What we realised was that Indian women faced pretty much the same problem, except in India it was because of the lack of proper sanitation in most places rather than the extreme cold. It was created as an all natural solution with strict Ayurvedic formulation for maximum efficacy. Technically, speaking we haven’t yet fully stepped into the skin/hair care world but plan on diversifying our portfolio to include more solutions.

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Q: Tell us more about your product / product range/s.

A: As of now we have two products – Imbue Intimate Hygiene Foam and Imbue Intimate Hygiene Wash. Both are all-natural, Ayurvedic formulations meant to cleanse and moisturise external genital area for women. Our foam is the first of its kind product in the intimate hygiene category as it can be used without water which makes it easy to use and carry.

Q: Why should customers opt for Imbue? What is the USP of the products?

A: We are completely natural and Ayurvedic and have a patent to the alternate that we use for parabens to create the foam, which is a difficult thing to replicate and we are certain that this will remain our key purpose and differentiator for a long time to come. The results of this 100% natural Ayurvedic formulation are more than evident in terms of how it feels after having used the foam or the wash and we have people who swear by the difference they have felt after having used our brand as against any other chemical based vaginal wash. Both our products help in preventing infections and give relief from itching and irritation experienced due to our lifestyle (tight clothing, shaving etc) or during periods.

Q:  What makes your products sustainable and eco-friendly? What different step is Imbue natural taking to ensure the products have limited/no environmental impact? 

A: We are continuously evolving as an organisation to create a more sustainable and eco-friendly product. We are trying to find ways of immediately reducing packaging. Because our formulation is completely natural, there is no question of micro plastics anywhere. In addition, we also use recycled plastic to make all our bottles, making sure no new plastic is added into the environment.

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Imbue Natural Foam – it doesn’t need any water and can be used anywhere to maintain intimate hygiene.