Man crush Monday: Jason Momoa

It is #MancrushMonday and HAIR has picked this week’s hottie.

It’s got to be super fun being Jason Momoa. You get to wear long luscious locks, ride cool bikes, play a warlord ‘Khal Drogo’ in the hit TV series ‘Game of Thrones’, be ‘Aquaman’, a superhero who protects the water world, win Hawaii’s model of the year and so much more. While we mere mortals don’t get to be Jason Momoa, we could certainly take a few style lessons from the legend.

Read on to find out the looks we are drooling over in today’s man crush Monday.


The Beachy waves: This is a look he’s often spotted in and has pretty much become his trademark look – the textured beachy waves.

Tip: Add some sea salt spray for texture and definition.

The braided beard: He gave the beard a new meaning when he sported a braided beard for his role in GOT as Khal Drogo.

Tip: Grow your beard to about 2 inches if you want to braid it.

The man bun: Having long hair can get in your face at times. It is no doubt then that he would need to tie those locks up. Even with his hair tied he manages to look hot.

Tip: The placement of the bun can make or break the look, ensure it is not too low or it may end up looking sloppy.

The medium beard: The actor is seen in the medium bearded look at many occasions. Looks a little unkempt but nevertheless it looks great on him.

Tip: To make a great impact with your beard, ensure it matches the shape of your face.

The dreadlocks: Jason sported the dreadlocks (one of the coolest hairstyles every) for a long time before he embraced a more natural look. His confidence and style manages to make the hairstyle a standout.

Tip: Avoid shampooing too often as it may cause the locks to loosen up.

We’re in favour of all his looks. What about you?