Beauty Makeup

Mastering The Tools Of The Trade


You can’t really create your make-up masterpiece without the right tools for it. ARUNA MUKERJEE explains the different kinds available for you to choose from.

Make-up applicators are the unsung heroes of the beauty world. If getting a neat, polished and professional result is your aim when it comes to make-up, good quality make-up applicators are a necessity. Having different sponges and brushes for each task ensures that your colours don’t get mixed up and the product gets deposited exactly where you want them.

From silisponges to Clarisonics, the world of beauty is ever changing, and we’ve got a list to help you find out which applicators are available in the market today and why they may be worth the hype.


Beauty blenders

One would have to be living under a rock to not know about these wonders. Armed with the amazing power to absorb the excess of any product and correct mistakes, this little sponge literally saves you from a bad make-up day, leaving you with a glowing, ‘your skin but better’ finish. Beauty blenders are astonishingly soft, pliable sponges that mainly come in handy to seamlessly blend your foundation. Its rounded bottom is perfect for stippling foundation on your skin while its pointy head is ideal for applying concealer to those difficult corners on the face. Unfortunately, the original beauty blenders aren’t budget-friendly, but Nykaa’s Blendmaster sponge and the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge come close.




Silisponges are the newest entrants to the world of make-up applicators. These sponges are transparent, durable, absorb zero product and, most importantly, are a breeze to clean! Application with these sponges is the same as the beauty blenders, the only difference being that you have to first spread the product onto your skin and then stipple it. So if you are fed up with latex sponges falling apart every few months, silisponge is your new best friend. Unfortunately, the original Molly Cosmetics silisponge is not available in India, but if you’re still keen on it, Colorbar has a similar offering.


Clarisonic Make-up Brush Head

Equivalent to the electronic toothbrush of the make-up world, the Clarisonic Brush Head is perfect for the lazy ones. Clarisonic as a brand has always been well-known for its variety of brush heads that cleanse, firm and massage the skin. But its latest addition, the make-up brush head, spins to buff foundation onto your skin. Best for getting full coverage without the cakiness, this brush is for people who have oily skin, are lazy when it comes to blending but still crave an airbrushed, picture-perfect result.


Powder puffs, a.k.a. flat make-up sponges

Powder puffs remain a classic favourite, and for a good reason too. Best for pressing translucent powder or powder foundation onto your skin, this tool is the easiest to get your hands on. These flat sponges have a wide and—as the name suggests—flat shape that picks up the right amount of powder to deposit on your skin. Powder puffs or flat sponges with a ribbon at the back can also be hooked on your little finger while applying eye shadows or eyeliner. This keeps your existing foundation intact from the side of your palm and gives you complete freedom to lean your palm against your cheek.


beautyblender Micro Mini

A smaller sister of the famous beautyblender, these little gems are specially designed for under-eye concealer application. They are shaped the same way as the full-sized beautyblender and are just as efficient at absorbing excess product. beautyblender Micro Minis are particularly handy if you want to get right under your lashline to apply concealer or corrector.

Flat make-up brushes

Tried, tested and long-time staples, these brushes are made of synthetic fibres and are the most basic make-up application tools. A set of these will include a brush for every purpose—bigger ones for blending your foundation, concealer and blush, to smaller ones for eyeliner, lipstick, and eyebrows. Fan-shaped versions are also available, which are ideal for applying highlighters and bronzers for those fabulous cheekbones. Brands like PAC, LA Girl, Pro Arte, and Vega offer a range of afforable ones that you can try out.

Wedge sponges

Wedge-shaped latex sponges have been around for ages. These wonders remain an all-time favourite of make-up artists for applying concealer underneath the eyes or absorbing excess product. Its blunt edges make it an ideal tool for baking underneath your eyes and the cheekbones. These sponges are incredibly easy to find both online as well as in stores. However, if you are looking for high quality, MAC is your destination.

Oval brushes

These are the contemporary versions of the regular make-up brushes—think of them as toothbrush spoons with soft, dense bristles. Most make-up artists swear by these for a flawless finish, especially for the make-up base. The dense fibers ensure that the application is smooth and seamless, preventing any harsh lines from forming on the face, giving you an airbrush-like finish. Artists claim that its structure allows for better precision. The synthetic fibers ensure that the brush does not absorb too much product, allowing a smaller quantity of product to do the job effectively. These brushes are also available in a variety of sizes, ranging from ones with a large head for foundation to a very small one for the lips. While MAC has great options for make-up maestros, novices can try cheaper options that brands like Nykaa have to offer.