Men’s Hair Grooming Guide

Hair is an extension of the scalp and having a healthy scalp is certainly important for healthy hair.

They say, the key to good looking hair is a healthy scalp. And the rule specially applies to men, who often ignore the care required by their scalp.

These tips will help them maintain a naturally healthy scalp:

  • Massage and oil your scalp

Going for regular oil massages keeps the scalp healthy and promotes hair growth. If spending time at the salon isn’t your idea of grooming, then you could massage your hair at home with hot oil. Doing this once a week keeps your scalp nourished and prevents it from drying.

  • Use lukewarm water

One of the main reasons you could have dry scalp is because you wash your hair with very hot water. Washing hair with lukewarm water is the trick to healthy scalp. A good conditioner and leave-in conditioner also help to seal in the moisturiser and prevent dryness.

  • Wash regularly but not every day

Washing hair regularly dries the scalp of its natural oils. However, if you wash your hair regularly make sure you use a mild shampoo. Pick a shampoo according to the texture of your scalp. While taking a shower, make sure you massage the shampoo into your scalp in a circulation motion. Don’t forget to condition your hair, as conditioning hair helps lock in natural oils. If you wish to do the entire hair grooming ritual, exfoliate once or twice a week during hotter months to make sure the dead skin cells get washed out from the scalp.

  • Avoid vigorous drying

Most men towel-dry their hair by rubbing it vigorously. It is convenient and quick but tends to damage your hair and scalp, as wet hair is the most vulnerable to breakage. Let a towel sit on your head for some time to absorb the extra water from your hair.

  • Say no to frequent blow-drying

Excessive blow-drying isn’t the best idea as the heat from blow-drying causes the scalp to become dry. If you must use a blow-dryer, keep the setting to cool air.


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