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At the start of the New Year, it’s time to de-clutter— and that stands true for your nails too! Ditch those complicated nail art designs for fun, minimalistic ones, which are not just easy to create but super cute to look at too.

Whimsical nail art is always fun to look at, but it doesn’t have to be tough to create. Case in point: this fun mani that looks like little dudes in a suit. Simply start with a while base, paint black edges and dots and you’re done!

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this soothing, eyepleasing nail art style. Use a Q-tip or the back of a tooth pick and create tiny dots on one or two accent nails with a mix of fun colours. Make sure you do this on a light base so as to make the colours pop. Paint the rest of the nails in a soothing hue such as this iced blue for a cool finish.

Get super modern and runway-ready with this abstract mani. Begin with neatly buffed nails, clipped short. Using contrasting shades, create small strips on your nails—some at the top corner and some at the bottom. Once completely dry, apply two coats of clear polish for a shiny finish.

Bring out your artistic side and adorn your nails with fun and custom doodles! All you’ll need is a permanent black marker and a base colour of your choice—paint your nails in any colour you desire and on one accent nail, draw your custom pattern with the marker. Whether it’s a cute animal print or some letters, squiggle whatever makes you happy. Wait 5-10 minutes to let the ink dry and then seal it with a good top coat to make it last.

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