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“My Mom is like a Rockstar”

To celebrate the occasion of Mother’s Day, we have onboard Ayesha Kapur, Co-Founder, Ayesha Accessories, and her multi-faceted mother Jacqueline Kapur, Founder, Hidesign.

They’re not just an inseparable mother-daughter duo but also partners in business (co-founders of Ayesha Accessories) as well as fashion and style expeditions.

Here’s a short snippet from the interview in our upcoming June issue.

Over to Ayesha Kapur –

(Text by Rachna Virdi)

The best thing I like about my mom

That she is always there for me, no matter what. I have called her at random times in the night and she always picks up and is ready to listen.

My mother is like a best friend to me

She has taught me to be a high achiever but also be empathetic and kind always.

I incorporate her attitude but in my own way

I incorporate her attitude to beauty and hair in my own way, by trying to stay natural and not spending a huge amount of time in styling.

The beauty and hair mantra I live by

Feel good from within and it will show on the outside!

My mother’s best advice I’d like to share

Mind over body! I think it is applicable to so many different things. It’s important to keep a positive frame of mind, even more, important sometimes than trying to fix exterior imperfections.

Grab our upcoming June issue for the full interview.