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My Summer-Cool Style

Fashion influencer Shraddha Singh (@shrads) lets us in on her fab summer street-style looks. Stay motivated.

We love her eclectic style. Indian fashion influencer Shraddha Singh moved to London/Amsterdam with a strong passion for fashion and beauty. A former software engineer, she is known for documenting on style, fashion and beauty on her blog. Shraddha continues to inspire the new-age, contemporary woman to upgrade her dressing style. This summer, we got the fashion influencer to suggest some summer street-style looks with a step-by-step guide to do it yourself. Check it out and get inspired.

Style 1 – Breezy babe

Step 1: Take a dollop sized amount of mousse and distribute evenly through damp hair.

Step 2: Blow dry hair upside down to create more volume.

Step 3: Comb through hair to remove tangles and create a sleek look.

Step 4: Add the hair pins on one side one below another.

Final look: 


Style 2 – Boho chic

Step 1: Spray hair with heat protecting spray.

Step 2: Tie the top hair. Take a styler and pull one-inch section of hair through it. Leave the ends straight for a modern look.

Step 3: Comb through hair to loosen the curls and create effortless waves.

Step 4: Tie a scrunchie to the top hair which hasn’t been curled before.

Step 5: Pull out a few hairs in the front for an effortless messy look.

Final look: 

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