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Confused what shape to file your nails when you go for your manicure? This tutorial on different nail shapes tells you how to pick the best one to accentuate your hands.

  • Round

This simple but elegant shape extends only a few inches away from your nail bed. Hence it is easy to work with and maintain it.

  • Square

If you want a shape other than your natural shape, ask your manicurist for a square shape with the tips flattened out. It isn’t difficult to achieve and looks stunning with even short nails.

  • Oval

If you have slighter longer nails, oval is the ideal shape for you. It helps give your fingers a longer and feminine look.

  • Squoval

The name says it all! This shape is a combination of both square and oval. It lets you have the best of both worlds, the length of oval nails and the shape of square nails.

  • Ballerina

If you have long sturdy nails, ask for this shape. This is also an unconventional shape which you could try if you want to get little experimental.


What nail shape is best suited for you?

The easiest way to determine which nail is best suited for you is to look at the shape of your cuticles. If you have an oval cuticle outline, pair this with the same nail shape. The most difficult shape to pull off is short square nails as they could make your fingers look stubby.


What’s in trend?

Most people opt for short and round nails when they go in for a manicure. These shapes ensure strong, clean and healthy nails and maintain the natural shape of the nails.


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