Beauty Makeup

Nail the Floral Make-up Trend
  • It’s time to bloom with statement make-up inspired by your favourite flowers!

Hey, it’s summertime! When we think of the warm summers, the first thing that comes to our mind is the fresh, blossoming flowers during this season. Whether it is the red roses or the white jasmines, flowers never cease to mesmerise us with their beauty. To think of it, we have been obsessed with everything floral for ages. Floral clothing, floral accessories and floral jewellery have been a favourite fashion trend for many.  Now, while flowers have been the perfect inspiration for clothes, accessories and jewellery, the bright, vibrant and striking colours are also the perfect inspiration for make-up.

Let’s take our make-up inspiration from these colourful, pretty beauties that earth has offered us. Here are five make-up looks inspired by your favourite flowers!


It’s red hot

Roses symbolise love, romance and passion. Add this shocking and exciting colour to your make-up to add some drama and make a statement! If you wear a red eyeshadow, go for neutral or earthy-toned lipstick. If your lipstick is a bright red colour, go for a contrast shimmery gold eyeshadow. Stay away from dark red blush to avoid looking like a clown.


As pink as a peony

Peonies symbolise riches, compassion and prosperity. Bring the lovely, beautiful blush pink colour of this beautiful flower on your eyes, cheeks and lips. You can never go overboard with this one! Swirl this colour onto your lips or jazz it up a little with pink smokey eyes for an innocent look. This could be your new go-to look, especially for summer time.


Rare as orchid

The delicate and exotic orchid symbolises royalty, grace and luxury and is considered to be one of the most ornamental flowers. Trying make-up in this colour can give you an edgy and fashionable vibe. This mysterious colour can instantly make your eyes create magic. Team it up with a gorgeous shade of pink or a neutral lip gloss and you are good to go.


Orange is the new black

Marigolds symbolise creativity, being brave and warmth. Yes, orange can be a bold and bright colour and if overdone, it can look tacky and distracting. But this colour can make your features really pop! Add a dash of orange to your eyes or lips and balance the look with neutrals or whites for a head-turning, neck-twisting look.


Jewelled jasmines

Jasmine flower symbolises beauty, purity and sensuality. Unlike the bold reds, vibrant oranges and pretty pinks, whites aren’t really a statement-making colour in make-up. But, if made as a focus colour on either your eyes or your lips, it can be a trendsetter. Allow the colour of beauty and sensuality to inspire you in ways yet unknown to you!