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No-Fail Hair Tricks from Kakar Twins

Turn those dreaded bad hair days into good ones with simple tricks from twin singers Prakriti and Sukriti Kakar.

Women across all ages, colour, height and weight have faced one thing in common – a bad hair day. Sadly, it is for real and there are days when our lustrous locks simply refuse to cooperate. Sure we face worse situations in life, but a bad hair day can be a complete downer.

If you are one to turn to a bandana, beanie or a cap at the first sight of a bad hair day, hang on. We’ve got some better news for you.

We have twin singers Prakriti and Sukriti Kakar suggesting how a bad hair day can be handled like a pro with just a few simple hacks. Scroll down for more…

  • “I’ve learnt how important a hair trim is! One good healthy trim every three months is mandatory. Also try and keep your hair as heat free as possible and let it air dry sometimes,” says Prakriti. Remember to regularly trim your hair to keep those bad hair days at bay.
  • To take the look a notch higher, use a fashionable scarf or a hair tie. “A hair tie is the biggest saviour on a bad hair day! All hair tied up into the highest and neatest topknot always saves the day,” says Prakriti.
  • Use a hairspray, hair serum or a few drops of oil to tame your hair. Lightly brush your hair. Then tie it into a ponytail and you’re ready to take on the world.
  • Another easy hack to hide a bad hair day is to just tie it all into a fashionable and stylish braid. “For my bad hair days, I go for a messy bun or I tie it all into a French braid,” adds Sukriti.
  • Hair feeling limp and dry? Sukriti believes that a monthly hair spa is amazing to keep your hair moisturised. Give it a jolt of freshness with an amazing hair spa and bring those tresses back to life instantly.
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