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OTT Makeup Trends You Must Know

What are trends without a little OTT? To the incognizant OTT goes as Over-The-Top and the recent years have been all about ‘Go Bold or Go Home’. From a vibrant splash of colours, to abstract shapes makeup trends have gone from a simple winged liner to everything not-so-basic. As looks emerge, we round up all the out there makeup ideas that you need to try.

The shade changer liner

If you were not sticking to blacks and experimenting, we have further good news for you. Why not ramp it up with two different coloured liners?

The eye-shadow twist

Give your eye-shadows an ombre effect by blending in 2-3 different shades (go with shades that complement each other) and create an unique look. You can also use the eye-shadow on your lower lash line for a bolder effect.

The straight liner

Gigi Hadid gives us a look we can’t wait to experiment with. If cat-eye and normal liner bores you, this is your way to go. Go for a straight line and let it define your eyes.

Pro tip: Use softer colours for this look.

Ear makeup

Well, if you are bored using your face as your canvas extend your boundaries to your ears, ‘yes you heard us right’. Either use a shimmery shade to highlight the high points of your ear structure or use a bold colour to give it an abstract painting feel.

So which trends are you going to try this season?