Pamper Your ‘Stache

Because mooch nahi toh kuch nahi…

Even though the chiselled beard is the flavour of the season, sporting just a well-groomed moustache can be enough to step up your game. If you are wondering how to go about it, here are four pro tips that’ll help you nourish, nurture, and tame your moustache.
Washing it
A good mustache might be easy to grow, but only if you maintain it right. Make sure you wash your moustache frequently, and with absolute care and love. Scrub away dead skin and unwanted food particles to keep it clean. Use warm water and a beard shampoo from the early days of growing the moustache.
Trimming it
Snip your mustache with a pair of trimming scissors to keep the length and stray hairs in check. Hold a pair of scissors parallel to your lips and start cutting the bottom of your mustache along your lip line. Trimming makes your ‘stache manageable and the uniform length helps with the suave quotient.

Shaping it
Comb your mustache to give it the shape you desire. Your favourite actor’s mustache won’t necessarily suit you, so choose a shape that suits the shape of your face. While combing your moustache, try twirling it to get the right look. If you have a thin lip line, grow a denser moustache. For thick lips, keeping the ‘stache thin will add volume to the face. A thin moustache lining the lips complements square-shaped faces well, while thick moustaches are best for rounder face shapes.
Waxing it
And no, we don’t mean waxing it off. All you need is a mirror, a little patience, and some moustache wax to seal the deal. Scoop out some wax and rub it between your thumb and forefinger to soften it. Apply it on your mustache and twirl as desired. Voila! You are good to go.