Party In Style

Flaunt your edgiest look this party season and welcome the new year in style!

Gentlemen, while you make a list of the number of parties you have to attend and splurge on new clothes to make stylish appearances, let us help you pin some of the modern and edgy hair looks that will immediately put you under the spotlight, for all good reasons!

Enough of sporting those flattering good boy, corporate looks! It’s time for some scrunch. If you are blessed with curly locks, this look should be your go-to style. If not, make it happen. Let those messy curly locks rest atop your head and scrunch them a little with a styling product. Complement this with a side fade so that the focus remains on the front. Remember, messy is sexy!

Hot Stuff
Let your locks be long and in their natural texture. Just when stepping out, style your hair in an imperfect spiked look. Make it your ‘I woke up like this’ kind of look and believe us, you’ll be irresistible.

Long Story Short
Who says that only short is sexy. This season is all about stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing change. If you have longer than usual locks, you’re blessed. Channel your inner rockstar vibe and rock your next party appearance. Fewer people do it and that’s enough reason to give it a shot.

Claim To Fame
This is a fail-proof look; a clean hairstyle always works. Now that you have invested in a good haircut and got those edges cleanly trimmed, indulge in a good-quality styling product to give your hair the final finish. This style is always a saviour in case some quirky experiment goes wrong, though we hope you don’t have to try it because of that!