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“People in India Are Now Ready to Experiment”

A tete-a-tete with international hairstylist Jason Reyes from United States who took to haircutting and hairstyling at a very young age.

The geniuses with the scissors, the masters of colouring and the creators of amazing hairdos. Yes, we’re talking about hairstylists, the magicians who work their scissors like a magic wand on our hair, transforming us from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan with just a snip and snap. From out-of-the-box haircuts to trending hairstyles, hairstylists these days go beyond the regular cutting, making sure every client is completely satisfied with the service.

In wake of international hairstylists, we bring you Jason Reyes, a trainer with John Paul Mitchell Systems who began as a barber many years ago in Puerto Rico, United States. He started cutting hair as a teenager and worked behind the chair while attending college. He studied Computer Science, which he says helped him combine technology and hair to provide great visuals for learners. Jason credits cutting hair with some of the industry’s best talents for making him stronger and more ambitious.

“I have travelled the world doing hair shows and seminars, helping train other beauty industry professionals and the future professionals,” mentions the hairstylist in an interaction with HAIR. “Most importantly, I continue to educate myself and practice my craft.” Jason, who’s known to many as an entertaining, fun and informative guy, specialises in barbering, colouring and haircutting. Throughout his time as a trainer, he has continued his education, been published in magazines and videos for Paul Mitchell Schools’ ‘Cutting System’ and was also instrumental in creating the Paul Mitchell Schools Barbering curriculum.

Over to the expert:

You started cutting hair when you were a teenager. Were your family and friends ever a subject of your hair experiments back then?

I have been working behind the chair since I was 12 years old. I started working at a very young age and paid for my education. It started as a hobby where I used to experiment on my friends and family. My family has been a great support throughout my journey.

Amongst all your specialties i.e. barbering, colouring and haircutting, which one gives you the most creative satisfaction?

My Instagram handle is called “iliketocuthair”. It is a genuine reflection of what I like to do in real life. I love to cut and style people’s hair. Be it a small girl or boy or an old man. I love it all – from cutting to colouring to working as a barber or shaving. So in short, I do anything and everything when it comes to hair. My USP is that I love to teach people the techniques that I have.

Being an educator, are there any challenges you face during your training sessions?

As a trainer, I have designed a wide range of curriculum. I still think I am a student as I am learning something new every day. Training new minds is a tedious task. They all have new innovative ideas and being able to match with that sometimes becomes a challenge.

You have created some inspiring looks in your career. As a hairstylist, where do you derive your inspiration from?

I am always upkeep with the latest trends and the looks that are straight off the runway, but at times you need to modify the way you work. I think my inspiration to go ahead and start work will be teaching people and sharing my knowledge and also learning something new every day. I am a teacher but I am also a student.

 According to you, what is the biggest challenge in the haircare industry?

Everything has two sides and I have already talked about the best parts. The challenging perspectives are quite few and these too can be turned into one’s favour. One just requires patience and proper guidance which is a must so that the mistakes can be minimised.

How does hairstyling in India compare to other countries?

People in India are now ready to experiment with colouring and textures. They are really going bold with the hairstyles and experimenting a lot with styles. The trend is now going towards pastel shades and white hair. People are also adding a lot of texture to hair like waves or even a slight crimping.

What are the biggest hair trends that will rule the year 2019?

The hair industry is going bold and people are really coming out of their comfort zone. Indians are following the trends in the world, and at times modifying it to their culture. In India, they are for sure moving towards the trend of coloured hair.