How To Makeup

Perfect That Brown Smoky Eyed Look

While black smoky eyes aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, how about trying something new this season? Maybe it’s chic-er sibling, brown smoky eyes! The key is blending right and a good brown eyeshadow palette.

Here are the steps to help you perfect those smouldering Brown Smoky Eyes:

Step #1

Prep your eyelids by applying a primer all over the lid.

Step #2

Now apply a soft shade of earthy or nude brown all over the lids using a tapered blending brush. You can also blend it in with your fingertip for better coverage. Make sure you blend it in really well.

 Step #3

Use a darker brown towards the outer ends of your lids and work it well into the crease of the eyes to create definition. Make sure you blend it slightly with the softer brown but don’t cover it up completely.

 Step #4

Add a pale shimmery shadow just beyond the darker brown so that the darker shade stands out. Work some of this shimmery shade into the brow bone to highlight the contours of your eyes as well.

 Step #5

Apply a kohl liner to the upper lash line and smudge gently for that ‘smoky’ effect.

Step #6

Lightly brush on the darker and then shimmery shadow on your lower lash line as well, followed by the kohl pencil and a light smudge to complete the look.


So there you have it! And don’t forget, you can go dark and dramatic for an evening do or light and breezy for a smoky day look. Blend away, girls!