Perfecting the Highlight and Contour

What is highlight and contour? This is a make-up technique in which bone structure is accentuated and it helps define the facial features.This technique makes your features look bold even in the worst lighting. HAIR brings to you a step by step method on how to highlight and contour your face. 

For this you will need your basic foundation and concealer. Additionally you will also need two more foundation shades, one which is two times darker than your skin tone and one which is two times lighter than your skin. 

1.    Apply the base Apply your basic make-up like your foundation and your concealer:

Your contour and highlight need a base. So once the base is done you can  the contour and highlighting.

2.    Use the darker foundation for contouring:

Outline the temples and the hollow part right below the cheek bones. Make your nose look more defined by using the foundation on the sides of the nose.

3.    Blend the foundation:

Use a blending tool to merge the darker foundation into the base foundation.

4.    Use the lighter foundation:

Use the lighter shade of foundation underneath the eyes, the bridge of the nose and on the chin. Blend any excess foundation.

5.    Finish the look:

Use translucent powder forming a three on your face, to finish the look and seal the foundation.

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