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Leave your best hair impression with Kérastase as Loic Chapoix, Creative Art Director, Dessange Bandra, shares monsoon haircare tips with us.

Rain water wreaks havoc on your hair. The right haircare starts with stocking your shelves with products for your hair type. Switch to products that not only address your monsoon woes but also provide nutrients to your tresses.

Loic Chapoix, states: “Humid conditions during monsoon cause two different kinds of concerns. The first is what most of us experience—unmanageable hair. For this, use products that work wonders leaving you with manageable and nourished hair. The second concern is that constant moisture in the air encourages the growth of bacteria and fungi on the scalp, triggering and aggravating scalp concerns such as itchiness, flakiness, excess oiliness and even hair loss. You need to use a scalp care range with different shampoos for addressing your scalp concerns and masque that is specifically designed for the scalp, leaving it soothed and hydrated.”

Pro-Tip: When it comes to styling, you need to follow some basic tips and tricks at home. For instance, always use a heat protectant before any styling. Excessive heat will dry your hair and make it lose its shine. I recommend the Kérastase Elixir Ultime Oil which can be used in many ways. For heat protection (upto 230 degrees), use it before a blow dry and for that enhanced luster a few pumps after.

Go high on style and low on maintenance. Loic Chapoix suggests some rain-ready styles:


Open your hair to create a soft, wavy style that ups your glam meter in a jiffy.


A slick ponytail to get the perfect shiny finish, this is our favourite look for the rainy day.


Wanna go short? High on style and drama, this look gives movement and definition to your tresses.

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