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Prom Hairstyles to Steal the Night

A renowned figure among celebrities and a regular on red carpet, the name Asgar Saboo is synonymous with headline grabbing, style-worthy hair. 

Whether it’s prom, a wedding or a fancy dinner – you always want to look and feel the best. Unfortunately, Stylish outfit, high heels, and perfect makeup just don’t make it anymore. Today, everything has to be perfect; everything has to be part of the look and everything has to be balanced. The biggest problem is often hair. It is an integral part of the impression you make to the people. Like nails, manners, style – hair is one of the first things people notice and judge you upon. We have all been there – everything looks great apart from hair, and no matter how long we spend curling, blow-drying, braiding or styling hair it just does not look right.

Asgar Saboo gives us top tips on making you the start of the show with stunningly styled hair. Here are Asgar’s top tips on getting that perfect blow dry, up-do and insta-glam curls

The Perfect Blow Dry

  1. Prep is Key

The secret to the perfect blow dry is prep. To have the perfect blow dry for your special day, or any day in general, you have to make sure that you are using right products. You should always use serum, heat protective spray and detangle. If you have finer hair – make sure to stay away from anything too heavy; go for mousse, serum or cream to avoid weighing your hair down. By doing so – your hair will stay bouncy all night long.

For thicker hair – I recommend going for curl cream or light hold gel for prepping the hair and ensuring that the frizz is kept at bay for the whole day

Top tip: Don’t overdo with serums and creams! Always apply them on the damp hair

  1. Work with hair – not against it.

My main rule when advising clients on how to get the perfect blow dry is to work with your hair and not against it. If you have curly hair – choose a style with loads of movement and bounce. For finer hair – go for straighter styles with loads of texture

  1. Be careful with the hot tools

Over drying and over styling the hair is so common with my clients. Please don’t repeat their mistakes. Of course blow-drying hair on the highest speed and curling/straightening them with high temperatures – saves time, but it also ruins your hair. I am not talking about heat damage – we all know that; over drying hair also makes pour hairstyle limp and prone to losing the volume in just a few hours. I am sure you don’t want that.

The Perfect Curls

Curls are definitely a go-to hairstyle for many events and especially formal ones. They can both look glamorous and cool depending on which hair products you use. Here is how I make the perfect cults in just a few steps using the most basic flat iron.

Step 1

Don’t forget to apply all prepping products and the heat protective spar. Make sure the hair is dry to avoid burning the hair and causing the breakage.

Step 2

Brush through the hair to make sure it is knots free. Divide your hair into 3 sections – upper, middle and lower. Clip the sections in place.

Step 3

Apply hairspray before curling – to make curls last longer. Start with the bottom layer and glide your flat iron from roots to bottoms slightly twisting them. If you want looser waves – take thicker sections. Repeat the same process with upper and middle sections.

Step  4

For a more undone look – brush out your hair. Spray the finishing spar and lightweight hairspray.

Top Tip: For the cool girl waves – spray texturizing spray before curling your hair.

The Perfect Up-Do

With the Royal Wedding and Meghan Markle becoming the newly proclaimed style icon worldwide – I could not suggest any other formal hairstyle than her famous ‘messy bun’. With just a few simple steps to follow, I am sure you will love this look and it will become your go-to hairdo for many future occasions.

Step 1

Part your hair as normal and take two front sections forward on each side

Step 2

Scrape the rest of the hair back into a messy low ponytail. If you want more texture – add the texturizing spray

Step 3

Pull the ponytail through the hair band – almost creating a low bun, but leave out the length hanging

Step 4

Take the curling iron and add some curls to the dangling bits at the back. Next, wrap those hair strands around the bun and pin them. Remember my top tip – the messier the better.

Step 5

Curl the front bits and take them back. Pin them around the bun too. Pull gently a few strands out of the top of your head for extra texture and volume. Spray the bun with lightweight hairspray.

Top Tip: You can always add stylish hair accessories to spice up the already perfect bun

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