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Wear Purple Highlighter Like a Queen

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Believe it or not, purple highlighter isn’t just for mermaid and unicorn make-up looks. There’s a lot you can do with it, without going over the top…

As a trend, purple highlighter picked up some steam in fall 2017, but fizzled out quickly. Why? Because most of us weren’t really sure how to pull it off. Or even if we could pull it off. Turns out, we have been fretting over nothing. Keeping a few simple tips in mind is all it takes to master a purpalicious (yeah, that’s an adjective we approve of) look.

Find your shade of purple
Purple isn’t exactly the easiest of colours when it comes to finding the right shade. Unlike other colours such as blue or green, the problem with purple is too many choices with subtle differences between them—the right shade for your skin tone won’t pop right away as it generally does for other colours. So make sure you’re in a well-lit store when trying out swatches of purple, and don’t be afraid to pick up at least a couple of shades if in doubt.

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Contrast with warmer shades
When it comes to incorporating not-so-usual colours into your make-up, the best looks are almost always about creating the right contrast. Purples by default are on the cool side of the spectrum; this means the best way to wear purple highlighter is to balance it with a warmer shade. For example, if lavender is what works for your skin, balance it out with some coral.

Use as a colour corrector
Purple highlighter is great on its own, but where it really shines is as a colour corrector. Any pale tones in the skin can be brightened up immediately with a purple highlighter. This is why purple is fast becoming a hot colour for the top of cheekbones, around the eyes, and even on the centre of eyelids.

Watch a few tutorials
Using purple highlighters isn’t something that’ll come naturally to you right away, especially with regard to to mixing-and-matching different shades. Before you start experimenting, definitely watch a few tutorials so that you have a good idea of what you’re doing.