Hair Style

Quick Fix ’Dos

Your fabulously styled hair CAN look enviably gorgeous for more than just a day—with a few simple tweaks, you can flaunt two great styles in just one hair wash! Let us show you how…

Voluminous Waves
Run some volumising cream through your freshly washed hair and let it air dry slightly.

 Blast-dry your hair on the cold setting, tousling your locks with your hand as you go.

Take a large round brush, wrap a section of your hair around it and carefully blow-dry it on the medium heat setting. Repeat this with all the remaining sections.

Finish by spraying a small quantity of a sea salt spray for some added texture.


Sleek Braided Ponytail
Apply a coin-sized amount of a smoothing cream to your second-day hair. This, combined with the natural greasiness of the hair, will give you the smooth look required for this look.

Take a small section of hair near your temple and create a tight side-braid.

Comb all your hair back and pull it into a low ponytail, and pull in the braided section as well. Secure this with a       hairtie.

Pull out a small section of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the hairtie to hide it and to add some         sophisticated adornment to the style.


Corkscrew Curls
Start with freshly washed hair, coated thoroughly with a strong-hold curling cream.

Divide your hair into small sections and use a thin-barrelled curling tong to curl each section into tight ringlets.

Do not brush or comb the hair—let the tight ringlets stay as they are for this iconic look.

You can spritz a gloss spray on to give your hair some added shine.


Pulled-Back Curly Braids
By day 2, your corkscrew  By day 2, your corkscrew curls will have relaxed slightly. Start by creating a deep middle parting.

Pull the hair on the side back and start creating a side-braid on each side, all the way till the crown.

Pin both these at the crown,  Pin both these at the crown, using bobby pins, such that it gives the illusion of a half- up style. Let the rest of the hair stay loose.

Pull out a few tendrils at  Pull out a few tendrils at the front for a face-framing effect.

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