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Reclaim Your Festive Sheen

Invest in these veritable hair treatments to add a healthy dose of sheen to your crowning glory.

Text Aruna Mujherjee

The festive season is the best time to sparkle just as (or more so!) brightly as our surroundings. Now, this isn’t just limited to add a dose of sequins to your wardrobe and a splash of glitter to your make-up routine but also includes clamouring to the salon for that perfect ‘shampoo commercial’ mane. These visits can be especially confusing with many treatments not quite producing the results we desire. So, in case you’re confused, we’re here to make it easier for you.

A simple guide that mixes the best of salon and DIY treatments to add that much-needed dose of gloss to your mane.

What: Joico Lumishine Treatment

How: A game-changer in the hair gloss industry, this product adds plenty of shine from the first use itself. While you can get your hands on it in the market too, we would highly recommend visiting your stylist to get the best results for the festive season. Those with colour treated hair also get a bonus here as this treatment removes all the brassy tones in one go. Lumishine has a gentle pH balanced formula that does little damage to your hair and leaves it soft and shiny. Its ArgiPlex technology restores arginine (an essential amino acid for your hair) and leaves your hair colour more vibrant than before.

Highlight: If you’re in the mood to add a hint of hue to your hair, worry not, as this wonder product comes in 22 ammonia-free shades.


What: Inphemom

How: The in-salon Inphemom treatment works like a charm when it comes to adding a boost of gloss to your hair. If your hair is feeling over-processed and frizzy, we highly recommend marching to your hairstylist and getting an Inphemom treatment festive season. It’s a five-step treatment that includes a spray penetrator, an internal repair mousse, a moisture-locking conditioner, a serum that locks the repairing ingredients in and a surface lipid coat that adds a healthy shine. As an added bonus, you also get to take home a booster that can be used a few weeks later or whenever you feel the dullness creeping back in to re-boost your treatment.

Highlight: This one is especially beneficial for those with lacklustre coloured hair.


What: Wen Remoist

How: While Wen’s products are widely available online, a quick 45-minute salon treatment combined with your hairstylist’s expertise will add that extra glamour to your mane. An all-natural treatment, this one is best for those with thick to normal hair as it includes using a generous amount of product which can weigh down thin hair. A treatment full of all the good things that mother nature has to offer, it combines an array of the brand’s famous cleansing conditioners, essential oils, vitamins, herbs and vegetable colour customised to the needs of your hair. An impressive feat for an all-natural treatment.

Highlight: Post-treatment, you can be sure of walking out the door with healthier, shininer and brighter hair.


What: Olaplex No. 3

How: Leaving out a product raved by style icon Kim Kardashian West from this list would be a heinous crime. This little white bottle of magic has been flying off the shelves for a long time which means all the right things. The Olaplex No. 3 is best for those who love the colour but loathe frizz and fried hair ends (which, in short, means all of us). It has a bond multiplying system that strengthens hair inside out. And just in case you’re planning to highlight your hair, you can also add it to your product to make it less damaging.

Highlight: You can use the product on its own as a quick ‘pick-me-up’ for your hair.




Home remedies for healthy hair

Simple home remedies that promise to be great to your hair:

Egg and Mayonnaise Hair Mask: An oldie but goldie it is, the egg and mayo combination really does pack quite a punch when it comes to adding life your hair. Filled to the brim with proteins, this affordable all-rounder will leave your hair shiny, soft and strong. Just make sure you use a gentle and fragrant shampoo later to cut out the smell.

Coconut Oil and Banana Hair Mask: There’s a reason why our mothers insisted on oiling our hair. Coconut oil in its purest form is a miracle worker on every hair type. Dull hair is often due to lack of moisture and coconut oil is the best way to get that shine back on. Adding a banana into the mix just amps things up and gives you the perfect pampering session for your mane.