Republic Day Special: Tricolour Looks

The Republic Day is here, and as the day coincides with the weekend, we are sure you want to incorporate the tricolour palate in your looks. While you need not include all the colours, there are other ways to amp up your style by introducing them in your OOTD!

Be a vision in White

White is one of the most ethereal colors and is safe to experiment with. Apart from including it in your accessories, you can include this subtle hue in your makeup by letting your eyes shine with it than your usual black liner. Just a swipe on your water line can instantly add depth to the eyes and is a unique way to make heads turn.

The fun orange

One of the most fun hue to add in your outfit, you can play around with it in a multitude of ways. Splash the colour in your accessories by incorporating a headband to some classic sunny orange shades or a bright orange pout. Don’t leave your nails behind and basically just have loads of fun styling this colour!

The tricky green

A tricky colour to play with but if you get it right can look fabulous. You can opt for the obvious green dress or let the green flaunt on your lids.

Pro tip: With the variety of shades the colour offers, pick one suiting your skin tone the most.

The failproof blue

Well, we love each and every shade of blue! From pastels to the deep hues, include the blue in your look this Republic Day. You can play with a myriad of shades and incorporate it into your makeup, accessories and your outfit.

So, how are you styling your look today?