Reverse Hair Washing


A good hair rinse with shampoo and conditioner can make or break your day. HAIR gives you the lowdown on how it’s being done backwards!


Okay, first off, we love that this trend allows experimention with existing hair products and not some expensive ones that need to be bought! So, like the name suggests, the idea is to simply reverse your hair wash products, that is, you first apply the conditioner and then shampoo after. Yes, we know it sounds off but this trend has caught up recently and many swear by the volume and shine benefits it offers! How this works is that while usually conditioner helps smooth away frizz, it also adds weight to it, thus making it look flat and limp, but with reverse hair washing, by shampooing last, you’re left with shiny, full-bodied hair that’s also well-conditioned. It’s important to note that this might not work for all hair types. The best way to find out if it suits you? Give it a shot! A word of advice: maybe avoid trying it first thing in the morning when you’re groggy and used to grabbing that shampoo bottle first!

– Make sure the hair is saturated with water before applying the conditioner so that it spreads evenly.

– While typically you’d apply the conditioner from mid-lengths to the ends, when reverse hair washing, apply it from root to tip as it will be cleansed next, so this won’t weigh the hair down.

– Don’t rinse off the conditioner completely. After the standard five minutes of conditioning, simply tip your head in and out of the stream of water to get most of it out before you go on to apply your shampoo.

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