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Hair loss and hair thinning are the most common hair issues that impact a person’s external appearance as well as affect him psychologically. Finally, an at-home gadget, iRestore Laser Hair Growth, is now available to combat these issues.

As more and more people are falling prey to hair thinning and hair fall issues, getting targeted solutions is more of a desperate need now. While various brands, salons and clinics offer a number of products and treatments to deal with these concerns, they often come coupled with side-effects and time constraints. Plus, there’s that added effort of going to a hair clinic. These factors often deter people from seeking help for these hair issues, but now, there is solution that you can benefit from right at home—iRestore Laser Hair Growth System.

The brainchild of Freedom Laser Therapy, founded in 2003, iRestore Laser Hair Growth System was launched to categorically work on hair thinning and hair loss conditions, right in the comfort of your home. Through studies, the company recognised the need of a large number of people who were impacted by hereditary hair loss and thinning. This led to the innovation of the comfortable at-home treatment option.

The laser therapy ‘cap’ is drug-free and uses laser light to treat chronic to acute hair loss issues without causing any skin irritation and burning. It works by stimulating the blood circulation. This FDA-cleared laser hair growth device uses low-level light therapy (LLLT), a technology that has been clinically shown to treat hair loss and help in re-growth of hair without topical drugs or surgeries and without any side-effects.

The device is backed by the expertise of medical, science and tech professionals. They have come up with its safe usage after in-depth study on it. The device was also tested on a group people in a clinical trial that was conducted on 40 subjects for 16 weeks to check its efficacy.

As noticed, the most common cause in men is male pattern baldness, while in women, hair loss is triggered by a variety of conditions such as hormonal changes. Harnessing light energy from lasers to enhance the metabolism rate within hair follicles, iRestore works stimulate these follicles. It counteracts androgenetic alopecia in men and women, extending the growth phase of the hair cycle and reactivating dormant hair follicles.

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