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Ribbon Hairstyles We Covet

Sparkly brooches, designer accessories and OTT clips are adorned by us but the minimalist ribbons add an irreplaceable feminine charm to your locks. Belle Beautiful, it’s time to take those ribbons out and ditch the scrunchies for a bit. Let us show you how you can wear them best…

Ribbons in French Braids

Every (pony)tale must have a happy ending. The happy ending to your French braid tale is to close it with a pretty ribbon.

Ribbons in Two Half-Up Braids

Snuggle up at a cafe with a book while looking gorgeous in this hairdo.

Ribbons in Buns

Your go-to hairdo for picnics must solely be wrapping a ribbon in your bun.

Ribbons in Milkmaid Braids

Milkmaid braids are fancy by themselves.  Make them even more fancier by braiding in some pretty ribbons.

Ribbons as Headbands

Is it one of those days when you just can’t deal with your hair? Enter ribbons.  Tie it like a headband and make even put your hair in an undone top knot.

Scroll down for more inspiration on how to seal the deal with the ribbon.


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