Rise and Shine


Do you wake up groggy and tired every other day? POOJA RAISINGHANI shares how you can get the best beauty sleep…

You’ve been juggling your manic professional and demanding personal lives with gumption but are increasingly tired and listless. Ask yourself, are you getting enough sleep? At the end of a long day, nothing’s more rewarding than a great night’s rest and if you thought the term ‘beauty sleep’ was overrated, think again. It’s time you make the best of this ritual for an energetic start to the following day.

Sleep is an integral part of our daily cycle as our body recharges and replenishes during those stress-free hours. It’s no news that one must ideally try and get at least 7–8 hours of sleep. Those articles you read on losing weight while sleeping aren’t scams either; a good night’s sleep prevents puffy skin, wrinkles and actually stimulates muscle growth while limiting the production of fat.

Make sure you take a fresh face to bed. Clogged pores, make-up residue, etc. will only sit on your skin, leading to those dreaded pimples, blackheads and acne. Don’t forget the CTM ritual—cleansing, toning and moisturising. Apply a leave-in conditioner to your hair to reap its benefits overnight and take some time off to tie it into a neat bun or plait so you can wake up to good hair. Rub on a peppermint foot balm that will help rejuvenate tired feet. Complete the ritual by moisturising your fingernails with baby oil or lotion.

Make sure you limit your consumption of alcohol as this can add to fatigue; it is also known to disturb the thought process and therefore, prevents one from reaching the deep sleep stage. Caffeine before bed is no good either, so avoid sodas, tea and coffee as well.
Lastly, set the mood—silk or satin pillow covers, pleasant relaxing scents like lavender, dim lights and positive thoughts are all you need to ensure you get ample rest.

Although it’s fun when watched at night, avoid watching any horror movies or any disturbing videos, which can disrupt one’s sleep. If possible, turn off your mobile phone. Also, it is essential to choose the right alarm tone, anything too loud and jarring will only startle you, leaving you frazzled in the morning. Instead, wake up to pleasant tunes for a great start to the day.

Try these steps and notice the difference in the quality of your sleep and increased energy levels as you wake up shining brighter than the sun!