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Rishi Kapoor: A Style Icon

A splendid actor and a fashion inspiration!

Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor left for heavely abode after a two-year long battle with cancer. The 67-year-old actor was not only a phenomenal and charismatic artiste but also a powerhouse of energy and a great style icon. Rishi Kapoor changed the face of fashion in India with iconic looks in movies like Bobby and Chandni. He rose to prominence for his acting potential and of course, his sense of style.

To remember this evergreen actor, who ruled the hearts of three generations, fashion influencer Monish Chandan lists his iconic looks from different movies.


We couldn’t take our eyes off when he wore tuxedo blazer, striped ties and turtleneck tees. Also, his pastel striped polyester button-up shirt paired with purple trouser and vintage shades are still in vogue.


The blingy pop star, dancing to the tunes of Om Shanti Om, will always be remembered by his fans. We can very well say that the current chic trend of glitter silhouettes was popularized by the legend.

Rafu Chakkar

Rishi Kapoor experimented with single-breasted checked red and white blazer and a bow tie and it just looked phenomenal. The film also saw the feminine avatar of the star and looked at par with the gorgeous Neetu Singh.


After the success of Chandni, abstract floral and multicoloured sweaters became a trend in 1980’s seeing the various prints and colours that Kapoor was filmed in. Longer styled locks, and his innate suave charm made fan girls head over heels fall for him.


Kapoor got under the skin of his character in every way- acting, dialect and looks. He wore gold zari embroidery and brocade to make his character look real and believable.

Rest in peace Rishi Kapoor!