Rock Chic Supreme

Adam Ciaccia, Axis Hairsressing, Australia

What’s life without a touch of spunk? Add some to your life with this bold metallic pout.

1. Start by applying a base to achieve a clear, flawless skin look. The idea is to even out the skin tone. Because we are accentuating the lips and eyes in this look, you can skip blush and contouring.

2. Start with a base colour eyeshadow and add a hint of gold on the lids. Use a metallic colour to line the waterline, just enough to make eyes look big and bold. Add lots of glitter to the inner corner of eyes. Finish it with oodles of voluminous mascara.

3. Prep your lips by exfoliating them and then apply a clear lip plumper for fuller lips. Use a bold lipstick in shades of violet, black or mahogony. Use a metallic pigment over it in a similar shade and allow it to settle.

Pro Tip: If you’re ready to play with your look a little more, highlight the high-points of your face and sport thicker, fuller brows. Don’t forget to seal the look with finishing spray