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The cool evening breeze, great music and not a care in the world! There’s a whole lot of fun stuff coming up in the months ahead. If you’re planning to attend one of the many music festivals and concerts coming up ahead, then your hair must be ready for the occasion too!

While you’re packing your bags for those weekend getaways, don’t forget about your most important accessory-your hair! Whether you’re head-banging to rock or lying in the grass to the blues, your hair needs to withstand everything that you put it through in those moments and yet remain in place. So, read on for tips that will help you achieve practical yet pretty styles, which are perfect for those fun-filled evenings, as well as your Instagram feed!

There’s nothing better than starting with well-nourished hair

It’s a no-brainer that styles look good and stay in place on healthy hair. In the days leading up to the music fest, pamper your tresses with hydrating masks or deep conditioning treatments. Healthy and hydrated hair has lesser chances of breakage too, which is always a plus.

Experiment with accessories

Statement hats, hair rings, head bands—it’s time to try everything! Accessories are fest favourites— fashion influencers at big international events like Coachella have displayed how to wear and style these. Take a leaf out of their books and try some yourself.  Try eye-catching and bright ones to elevate your style.

Floppy Hat – Accessorize, Hair Clips – Hair Drama

Style smart

Letting your hair down literally may not be a great idea—loose hair can get frizzy, sweaty and just simply get in the way. It’s best to try tied-up styles that will keep the hair away from the face. Plus, these are low-maintenance and easy to create, involving the use of minimal products to keep the style in place. Experiment with Dutch braids and braided buns which are so on-trend at the moment—these can stay in place not just for hours but for the entire duration of your trip!

Trust in products

Your travel kit needs to include certain hair products without fail—a dry shampoo for quickly reviving greasy hair when there’s no time to shampoo, a hairspray to keep your beautiful style intact, a hydrating serum to banish frizz and a hair brush to keep tangles at bay. Don’t forget to carry bobby pins and hair ties by the dozen, even for your girlfriends!

EIMI dry me shampoo – Wella Professionals, Moroccan Oil Treatment – Moroccan Oil, One night stand – BBLUNT

Experiment with colour

Blend in with the cool and bohemian vibe of the music festival by trying on a funky new hair colour—pink, green, purple or even yellow, now’s the time to experiment with something totally out of the box and new! If you’re hesitant to try permanent colour, you can go for temporary options which can be washed off with regular shampoo. You can also try coloured or metallic clip-in extensions and have some fun with your locks.


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