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Royal Relaxation

Read about KHURSHEED DINSHAW’s unique and deeply soothing Royal Thai Massage at Belmond Napasai Spa.

I go through the spa menu at Belmond Napasai Spa in Koh Samui, Thailand, sipping bael fruit or wood apple tea which helps to refresh me. Prepared in house, the tea is made using cut bael fruit, honey or brown sugar. After selecting the Traditional Royal Thai Massage or Nuat Pen Boran which is an hour long therapy, I am escorted to the spa room by my therapist Reung. A common Thai practice is to remove footwear before entering the room to avoid bringing outside dirt inside.

After changing into fisherman’s pants and a loose top, I lay face down and the foot ritual of cleaning the dust from my feet using a hot towel was done. Tiger balm was applied on my back, which had a mildly cooling effect. This balm is made from Thai herbs that primarily aid loosening of tight muscles.

As the knots and accumulated stress were removed, I began to relax. Reung used her elbow to activate the pressure points on my feet and later on my palms. She pulled and stretched my body. She also effortlessly managed to get me into a variety of positions which made me feel like we were doing yoga with the addition of rhythmic pressure.

Leg stretches, back stretches which were done in a seated position, a dry head massage followed by a face massage had me feeling light and energised. This massage is a traditional Thai medicinal way of relaxing muscles, stretching the body, toning the organs and relaxing.

In a traditional Thai Massage, the therapist walks on the back of the guest and uses her feet for the massage. In this Royal Thai Massage, only the elbows, palms and thumbs are used to apply pressure on energy or sen points. Finally, my Royal Thai Massage ended with a cup of ginger and lemongrass tea, to rejuvenate me post my lovely therapy.

Things that I loved

Getting a royal Thai massage done in a luxurious setting on the banks of the Gulf of Thailand.

This massage has been used to treat Thai royal family members since more than 2,500 years.

Since it is a dry massage where no oil or lotion is used, I was able to head out post the therapy without the hassle of bathing.

The fact that it was interactive experience where my therapist and I were in synchronisation to heal me.

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