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Rulebook to Romance the Rains

Is the rain playing spoilsport in your beauty regime? These beauty hacks will give you an edge and beat your monsoon blues. 

As the clouds steadily gather overhead, it’s not just our outfits that need a change. So while you look for the perfect pair of rainy day shoes that go with every outfit or eye that waterproof bag to keep your belongings dry, it’s also important to make a few changes in your beauty and skincare stash.

Not many of us take an active interest in monsoon skincare given that it’s an ‘in-between’ season which is not as humid as summer nor as harsh as winter. But, as always, the change in season reflects on our skin too which makes skincare during the rainy months just as necessary; and more so because of our lack of awareness about it. This season, we arm you with all the beauty and skincare knowledge you need to sail smoothly through the pouring rain looking as fresh as a daisy.

Beauty begins from the very basics which include skincare at the apex. If your skin is well taken care of, your make-up sits smoothly and with time, you’ll even have the leeway to shed some of those extra products from your make-up bag.

Keeping the rainy months in mind, here are some cardinal rules you need to follow to keep the glow intact even during the cloudiest of days.

Use a mild cleanser

A thorough cleansing routine is essential for any season and a lapse during the rainy season may lead to clogged pores. This is especially applicable to those of us who love to get wet in the rains. Rainwater, especially in the city, is polluted with harmful chemicals that damage your skin. A sure shot way to ensure your skin stays in the pink of health is by following a double cleansing routine which ensures your skin is squeaky clean. With the double cleansing technique, removing waterproof make-up is easier and saves your skin from the harsh friction of cleansing wipes. As always, it’s best to look for cleansers that are free of alcohol and fragrance.

Choose a chemical-free exfoliator

While exfoliation may not feel necessary during the rainy months as there’s no excess sebum or dry skin flake off, it remains essential to maintain the health of your skin. A gentle chemical-free exfoliator is the best choice to maintain the pH balance of your skin. A better alternative is creating your own exfoliator mix with a little bit of sugar, a few spoons of honey and some neem powder to keep the bacteria and blackheads at bay.

Go for regular sunscreen


Skipping the sunscreen on those cloudy days is a big no-no. No matter how tempted you are, skipping the sunblock exposes your skin to harmful UV rays that manage to filter through the clouds. A water-proof sunblock ensures your skin stays protected even under the drizzle.

Pick the right moisturiser

Just because the air is humid, it doesn’t mean you get to skip the moisturiser. This is especially applicable to those with oily skin who frequently skip the moisturising routine during the humid months. At these times, it’s best to pick a moisturiser that’s water-based. There’s a high chance of your skin getting dehydrated during the rains, so a water-based moisturiser replenishes your skin without covering it up with grease.