Salt of the Earth

With an array of types and grades of salts, salt-infused products and a choice of salt spa experiences, a soothing experience with this humble, but unmissable, mineral is one of the easiest to enjoy. HAIR tells you how.

Soak in the soothing therapeutic salts of the Dead Sea, so saturated with salt that one naturally floats on its waters! Breathe in the healing salt-infused air over a hundred metres below the ground in the depths of the Wieliczka Salt Mine, Poland! Enjoy the comfort of a gurgling mineral spring and its warm therapeutic waters! Linger in a soak- tub infused with bath salts! The delights of salt experiences are many and each brings a slew of benefits for one’s well-being and skin!

An Array of Salts
Salt—primarily sodium chloride with trace minerals—is a mineral that occurs naturally in seas and in areas that were originally seas yet have undergone a change due to the Earth’s evolution.

It is salts such as Dead Sea Salt, Bolivian Pink Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, Celtic Salt, Icelandic Geothermal Brine Salt, salts from Wieliczka, naturally harvested sea salt, that are among the variety available. Each type contains different and varying quantities of minerals such as sodium, chloride, magnesium, potassium, bromine; and also sulphates, which have health-giving benefits for overall health as well as for skin health.

Topical Application
Dinesh Dasgoswami, Spa Manager, Arogya Spa, Hyatt Regency, Pune, shares, “Topical application of salt
helps remove dead cells, clean pores, re-mineralize the skin, remove toxins, relieve stress, reduce infection and muscle pain. It is helpful in maintaining bacteria-free skin.”

To leverage these benefits, topical applications such as scrubs and masks; products such as gels, creams, emulsions and bath salts; and spa experiences such as wraps are infused with salt so as to cleanse, soften and revitalize skin.

A salt scrub is best suited to oily skin, however if ingredients like a carrier oil or yogurt are added to the blend, it can be used on dry or normal skin too.

“Salt also has anti-ageing properties. Thus, while it is suited to young skin, it is particularly helpful for mature skin”, adds Dinesh. It is suggested that facial salt scrubs should only be made of fine or powdered salt, be applied on moistened skin and rubbed in very gently; ideally not more than once
a week.

Bath salts are also beneficial for a variety of reasons from relaxation to reducing itchiness of a rash and inducing restful sleep. Many even liken salt baths to taking a dip in the ocean! That these come prettily packaged, infused with mild fragrances and essential oils and tinged with soft hues, only adds to their appeal. So slip into a soak-tub and allow the goodness of salt to work its magic!

Dinesh Dasgoswami, Spa Manager, Arogya Spa, Hyatt Regency, Pune, suggests a few simple salt recipes for skin. (Using salt that is specifically marked for topical application and not table salt)Dinesh Dasgoswami, Spa Manager, Arogya Spa, Hyatt Regency, Pune, suggests a few simple salt recipes for skin. (Using salt that is specifically marked for topical application and not table salt)

Refreshing Lemon Body Scrub: Blend half a cup coarse salt, two tbsps of a carrier oil like olive or sweet almond and the juice of a lemon. The uplifting aroma of lemon and cleansing properties of lemon and salt make this an ideal scrub.

Soothing Salt Face Scrub: Mix half a tsp powdered salt, a tbsp of olive or sweet almond oil, and 2-3 drops of relaxing lavender essential oil. Apply on the face, rub gently and wash off.

Cleansing Salt Mask: Blend half a tsp of powdered salt, one tbsp each of yogurt and watermelon juice, a natural toner. Apply on the face and wash off after ten minutes.

Nourishing Honey Mask: Blend half a tsp of powdered salt and one tbsp of honey. Apply on the face. After ten minutes, rub gently and wash off for well nourished skin.

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