Care Hair

Say Yay to Healthy Hair

Simple and easy cues to repair damaged tresses. Let your hair do the talking.

A walk through the beauty shelves in supermarkets or malls will confuse you no end. There are so many new serums, creams, lotions and cleansers flooding the market everyday and claiming to have ingredients that give you shining, attractive, party or picture-ready hair.

But when you’re looking for good haircare regime for specific hair problems – hair damage, dryness, tangles or split ends – it is hard to figure out what active ingredients you really need to use to repair your damaged hair. Here we recommend you some tried and tested ways and habits to repair your hair and provide recovery from any kind of hair damage.

Cue # 1: Deep clean your hair

Deep cleaning should be your best friend if you want to get rid of hair damage. Shampoo, conditioners and even the water you use to cleanse your hair can make your look loose and dead and also cause split ends and a frail texture. So, deep cleaning your hair is the first stride in repairing hair damage and enhancing its texture. Use a decent clarifying shampoo to get rid of product buildup and roughness caused by hard water. Try cleaning your hair twice a week.

Cue #2: Protect hair from sun damage

Sun is one of the biggest perpetrators of hair damage, roughness and weak ends. If you’ve not been guarding your hair against the sun’s UV rays, now is the time to start this regime and protect your hair. Use a UV protective shampoo and conditioner followed by an intense hydrating mask to help your hair prevent further damage. Keep your hair covered with a scarf or cap for better results.

Cue #3: Indulge in hot oil treatment

Hot oil treatments are the best form of cures to infuse shine and moisture in your dull hair. They are super easy and can be done right at home. Apply your favourite hair oil – preferably coconut oil – to your clean and towel-dried hair. Do heat the oil before using. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing it with cold water and shampoo for the best outcomes.

Cue #4: Frequently trim your split ends

Trimming your hair is the key to brighter, smoother hair. Split ends prevent the hair from breathing and can congest the hair. It’s important to go for regular trims every two months. Your stylist can simply ‘dust’ the ends to keep your hair strong, healthy and unfrayed. Also, keep your hair in place with revitalising shampoos, conditioners and masks to avoid split ends in the first place.

  • By Samay Dutta , Director of  Noir luxury blow bar