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Self-Quarantine to Self-Love

As offices shut down and public interactions come to a pause staying home is the most feasible option to save yourself from the corona pandemic. While catching up on your sleep and finishing that series must be the best idea coming to your mind there are many others way where you can be productive and rejuvenate in this tensed situation. Read on to know more.

Exercise and meditate

When was the last time you exercised? Take this time to do a fun home workout, stretch, do some yoga, mediate, learn that split and don’t let the time go in vain.

Treat your skin

Do that 10-step skincare routine you never got the time to do. Use all those products that you have hoarded and treat your skin. Put that sheet mask, some iced cucumber on your eyes and some rocking music on, you are good to go!

Condition your hair

Dry hair problems? Oily hair problems? Make that DIY mask that you have seen and scrolled down on. Have fun with the DIY or use a ready-made leave-in conditioner and give some TLC to your locks.

Draw yourself a bath

Draw yourself a nice bath with the scented bath bombs and treat yourself to the never-ending luxury. Pro tip: Add some wine to it!

Dye your hair

If you have some colour at home, try experimenting with it by giving yourself a new avatar. Pro tip: See some YouTube videos before you fully venture into it.

Practice that makeup/ hairstyles

Always wanted to do that difficult hairstyle but didn’t have the time? Seize this opportunity! Give your hands some practice of doing that updo you always wanted to wear.

Wish to have that perfect liner? Practice. Practice. Practice. Once the normal life is back all you have to do is flaunt it.

Start that vlog/blog

Always wished to start a blog or a vlog? Utilize this granted time and get on Youtube, write that blog and start making that progress!