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OK so you’ve grown the beard that you have always dreamed of, and perhaps, have even paired it with a good-looking mustache!

But things just don’t end here.

Maintaining your beard with proper grooming is just as important as growing it! Especially, in the monsoons. Monsoons here are quite irregular, thus bringing a host of skin and hair worries with it. Conditions like itching and acne are highly prone to occur during this season. And therefore, maintaining your beard well is essential.

Here are a few easy tips for those men, who love their beard more than anything and are looking for ways to take care of it, during this monsoon.

Regular Trimming
It is essential to trim your beard frequently. Even if you wish to grow your beard to a certain length, it is advised to trim at least once every week. One needs to use a trimmer to keep their beards in shape and fresh. Besides, trimming your beard often, will keep the growth of your chin hair healthy. Just make sure, that you know what will suit your face shape and what look you desire, and trim your beard accordingly.

Just like any part of your body, maintaining the hygiene of your beard is also equally important  Your facial hair can easily catch dirt if not washed well. Besides, during monsoon, thick and elongated beard is likely to get wet and that untidy rain water could cause various skin diseases. Thus, to protect the skin beneath, as well as the hair, you need to wash your beard daily with a mild face wash or with a beard wash. If you have a long beard then a beard wash is better suited, whereas a face wash would work well for a stubble or trimmed beard. Also, you need to use a leave on conditioner to keep the beard hair hydrated.

Use A Beard Oil
Beard oil keeps the beard, and the skin beneath it, moisturised. It also helps in maintaining the shine of your beard, making it look healthy and full! Just dab a few drops of oil onto your finger tips and work it thoroughly on your beard and the skin underneath.


Only Use A Non-Comedogenic Moisturiser
Using a moisturiser is not just restricted to your face or body. One also needs to use a moisturiser for their beards! However, it is advised to check the contents of the moisturizer before buying or using it on the beard, as the ones with comedogenic, contain ingredients that can clog your glands, and may lead to skin conditions such as,  whiteheads, blackheads and pimples.

Eat Right
A beard is just another form of hair growth, and nothing works well for hair other than proteins! So consume a lot of proteins by eating green vegetables like peas, broccoli and spinach. Consumption of such good proteins helps in better and healthy growth of the beard. Also avoid drinking too much alcohol as it causes dehydration.

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